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If You’re Worried About what the Future Holds for You

What Could Happen

if Prices Continue Rising

or What You’ll do if Inflation Takes Your Job From you, then you’ll Want to Read the Rest of This Page.

We’re living in challenging times.

The past few years have seen us move out of one of the most prosperous economic times that America has ever seen, into what could be one of our greatest economic recessions.

Inflation is continuing to skyrocket all around the world.

The global supply chain is still in shambles as production slowly increases.

Worst of all— the food supply in 2023 is in serious jeopardy as the war in Russia and Ukraine continues.

We’re in a bad position globally, but especially in the USA.

You’ve probably felt the pressure yourself.

You walk away from the gas pump feeling like you’ve just been beaten and robbed.

Your grocery cart fills up a little bit less every time you visit.
You get nervous every time your boss or HR gives you a call to their office because you’re never sure when it might be your turn to be let go.

You’re stuck in a cycle of anxiety, knowing that the world is on a ticking time bomb with no sure date to explode.

Coach Leonardo’s Leadership Sharks network can help you prepare and thrive in a climate as bad as this one.

Here’s What you can expect:

Insights from The World’s Most Successful Business People

You’ll learn the secrets and strategies employed by those at the very top of their fields to find massive success.


Foundation mentorship directly from Business Superstar Forbes Riley

Forbes Riley has sold more than $2.5 billion in infomercials, and she’ll be your foundation mentor for this community. You’ll learn and master sales under her wing and find opportunities to prosper in your own life.


The Opportunity to Network with Like-Minded Individuals

Find and develop new business relationships and opportunities with people who are exactly where you are in life right now.


Achieve High-Performance Habits Geared for Success

Our habits create our futures, and they’re also the most difficult things for us to change. Most of us still live with habits that we established in childhood and the best way to change those habits, is to live and work among a group of people who can hold us accountable.

Which is exactly what you’ll be getting in the Leadership Shark Community.


Learn How You Can Thrive in Hard Times

Success is a skill and that skill can make all of the difference for you in 2023. As we move into more and more perilous times, it’s necessary for us to learn from those who’ve survived and prospered in hard times before.

You’ll learn the exact strategies that you need to do the same.


Are you ready to start thriving in hard times?

The biggest obstacle you’ll face on your journey is knowing the way.

The Leadership Sharks Community is your opportunity to start getting the information you need and building the habits, and systems required to maximize it.

Humans are resilient by nature.

Our ancestors wouldn’t have lived to produce us if that weren’t the case.

So why is it that some people fail while many others find success?

Why is it that the majority suffer during times like these, yet somehow— more millionaires are created during times of turbulence than in most other periods in human history.


Information is everywhere.

We live in a world with literal galaxies of information at our very fingertips at all times.

The average person now has access to more information than at any other time in human history.

But understanding is what makes the difference.

If you can’t pick apart, organize, and utilize the right information, you’ll never achieve your goals, and you’ll never be able to prepare for what’s coming.

Coach Leonardo has been on a journey throughout the United States.

At every stop, he’s gathered more information than he ever has before.

Making new connections and learning from great minds like Roland Frasier, Daymond John, Marcus Lemonis, and more.

He’s bringing all of that new information, and the expertise he’s used to help thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe to prosper into the Leadership Shark Community.